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Hope model

The applicability of our integral development model is based
on three strategies that guarantee its social impact.

Relationship with volunteers
and donors

We constantly keep our donors informed about how the resources obtained are being used. We are grateful for the commitment of people and companies that seek to improve the future of vulnerable children and it is vital for us to offer them a transparent process.

Continuous Development
of the Institutional Model

Our Institutional Model is analyzed often to identify opportunities for improvement. We identify and manage the most appropriate application of the resources raised, to achieve the maximum social impact and guarantee the fulfillment of our goals.

Implementation and monitoring of support programs

We have four programs that work in coordination with each other to ensure optimal performance of our foundation. Each one of them serves a different stakeholder group, but all are extremely important in our main goal.

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Committed commissions

Founded under the philosophy of protecting the identity and purpose of children who lack parental care, our institution strives to work under a humane and professional model dedicated to the care and comprehensive development of these children to contribute to the formation of citizens committed to their community.

League of Hope

The flagship event of our foundation and through which we raise most of the funds to remodel and equip orphanages. A soccer tournament that promotes the values of fair play, coexistence, and healthy competition.

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Corporate Social
Responsibility Workshop

Our CSR Workshop is given by Coach Humberto Vázquez, specialist in the field of social responsibility.

One hundred percent of the utility of these workshops is used to provide more and better support to children that our programs benefit.

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A hopeful future
thanks to you


$250 USD monthly

Your contribution provides didactic tools and school supplies so that children and young people in situations of abandonment have access to Spanish, Mathematics, English, Art, Culture, and Programming classes, among others.


$750 USD monthly

With your contribution, you are guaranteeing higher education for 5 young people and contributing to a reserve fund that supports and motivates them to become successful professionals.


$500 USD monthly

Your contribution ensures that doctors, dentists, psychologists, nutritionists, and other health professionals have the basic equipment and tools to offer their services to children and youth constantly.

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