Fundación Esperanza Contigo, A.C.

Building a better future

We transform the lives of abandoned children, improving their present and enhancing their future.




Founded under the philosophy of protecting the identity and purpose of children who lack parental care, our institution strives to work under a humane and professional model dedicated to the care and comprehensive development of these children to contribute to the formation of citizens committed to their community.

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Internships and Social Service

to Society

Thanks to the support of our donors, as well as the effort of our network of volunteers, allies, and team, we have managed to positively impact the lives of children and young people in abandonment throughout the city.

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Our Programs

Better Equipped Homes

Our Repair and Equipment Program is focused on improving the quality of space for the children who live in foster homes.

The participation of architects, civil engineers, and interior designers guarantees that our program can create not only a functional space, but also a beautiful and safe home.

Happier kids

We have created the Comprehensive Care and Development Program for Children (“CCDPC”) designed to benefit children in situations of abandonment.

The purpose of this program is to strengthen the identity, values, and technical and soft skills of these children, giving them the opportunity to access a better quality of life as an adult.

Young people with more opportunities

To provide young people with the necessary tools for their exit from the “Casa Hogar,” (orphanage) we have created the Continuous Development Program for Young People ("CDPYP"), seeking to promote their potential for professional success and life project.

This is accomplished through workshops, job placement through our donor companies, and our continued support and constant follow-up.

Most committed volunteers

To generate an even deeper culture of volunteering, our foundation runs a Talent Development and Continuous Support program for the entire team of collaborators, giving them tools that can be applied both in the professional and personal environments.




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Adrián J. Romero


Our founder

Adrián is a Mexican entrepreneur highly committed to helping children. His personal story has made him incredibly aware of the needs of children and young people in situations of abandonment.

He believes that the best gift and the best investment one can make is in education.

His objective is to help these children create goals, give them the tools to achieve them, and generate a true transformation in our community. Adrian is happily married and a father of four young ones.

Organizational structure

A hopeful future
thanks to you


$250 USD monthly

Your contribution provides didactic tools and school supplies so that children and young people in situations of abandonment have access to Spanish, Mathematics, English, Art, Culture, and Programming classes, among others.


$750 USD monthly

With your contribution, you are guaranteeing higher education for 5 young people and contributing to a reserve fund that supports and motivates them to become successful professionals.


$500 USD monthly

Your contribution ensures that doctors, dentists, psychologists, nutritionists, and other health professionals have the basic equipment and tools to offer their services to children and youth constantly.

Thanks to our sponsors

Annual Casas Hogar Census 2022

Access the latest numbers and find out about the situation that “Casa Hogar” (orphanage) in Tijuana are currently experiencing.

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